Evil Eye Vintage Multi-Layer Leather Bracelet Bangle

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Vintage Multi Layer Evil Eye Leather Bracelet Bangle

Standing as a striking talisman to protect against evil and ward off bad luck, this Handmade Multi-Wrap Evil Eye Leather Bracelet makes for an imposing and eye-catching accessory. 

The standing glory of this piece and the single bead that stands out above the rest is a large 'Evil Eye' Talisman at the centre.

The design features five different layers – each a different combination of leather and metal – which works together to create a powerful appearance.

Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause one misfortune, bad luck or injury. Protect yourself from the negative eyes and people who want to do you harm!

When worn the evil eye is there to protect you from those negative stares!

  • Clasp Type:Lace-up
  • Bracelets Type:Wrap Bracelets
  • Material:Leather
  • Bracelet length: Adjustable