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7 Chakra Muladhar Feather DreamCatcher

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Want to catch your dreams all while Balancing the 7 Chakras? Then this 7 Chakra Dream catcher is the perfect addition to your collection. Designed with an intricate detail and a beautiful design that ensures you have that vintage dream catcher look, this can be the perfect addition to any room! 

Want to avoid the negativity in your mind at night, and want to just get a full, regenerative sleep? Then this 7 Chakra Dream catcher can help you do just that! 

Representing the 7 Chakras, all carrying colors from deep and passionate reds to cool and assuming blues, have a wonderful level of detail included with a authentic Beads and colored Feathers!

Whether your looking for a Unique addition to your bedroom or you are trying to find some authentic décor to make your room look nicer, this 7 Chakra Dream catcher is a great choice. 

Giving you that all-out protection that keeps your mind safe from fears and negative thinking when you sleep.

This dream catcher is a fine choice for helping you to feel as if you are free from the negativity and the fear that can live within our minds, offering a spiritual guard that helps to avoid ourselves from feeling this kind of negativity.

  • Style:Feng Shui
  • Material:Hemp rope,feather
  • Size:20.4*3 inches
  • Feature: Chakra Dreamcatcher
  • Design:chakra muladhara