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Bright and Colorful BOHO Indian-Style Mandala Tapestry

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Colorful, versatile and lightweight – what’s not to love? This mat / rug / blanket (depending on what you choose to use it for) is made of a high quality cotton / polyester blend which means it dries quickly and is silk-soft to the touch.

This would make a perfect beach or picnic blanket because of its lightweight properties, but is also a fantastic way to breathe a little life into any room by adding some color.

  • Multiple Uses – This incredibly versatile rug doesn’t just have to be part of your home’s decor, you can use it as an exercise mat, beach blanket or even use it for picnics.
  • Stunning Design – Anyone who loves beautiful colors will fall in love with this rug – it’s perfect for those warm summer months and can help brighten up a room.
  • Quick Drying – Want to use it as a beach blanket? Not a problem! The polyester / cotton blend means it dries in a matter of minutes on a warm day.


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