108 Tiger Eye Natural stone Necklace with Tassel

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Crafted using the ever popular Tigers Eye stone, a most ancient talisman believe to be an all seeing, all knowing eye, this 108 Mala Bracelet boasts striking hues of brown and caramel with touches of bolder shades.

Formed of 108 beads - a number holding significance within prayer and mantra chanting - the delicate tones of Tigers Eye stand proudly, captivating the eye and aids in the harmonious balance, relieving the wearer of fear and anxiety.

Finished with a long, brown tassel pendant that is suspended from a decorative cap, this delightful accessory can be worn around the neckline or wrapped a number of times around the wrist.

Providing both exceptional style and functional assistance during meditation or yoga, this is a delightful choice for those seeking to bring calm and relaxation into their lives. 

  • Beads Size: 8mm
  • Beads Count:108
  • Pendant Size: 10cm
  • Stone Type:All Natural Stone Tiger Eye Beads
  • Fashion Necklace:Bohemian jewelry
  • Necklace length: 34"