Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite Stone

3 Piece Protection and Harmony Bracelet Set

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The perfect combination of Protection and Harmony Stones all in one 3 Piece bracelet Set!

Onyx-is a powerful protective stone that helps to shield the mind and body from negative energy.

Black Onyx also help to prevent the drain of personal energy and can help alleviate feelings of depression. 

Rhodonite-emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace.

It is a marvelous talisman of joy and healing, of embracing one’s rightful powers and rising to one’s full potential.

Rose Quartz- Invokes compassion and peace, and comfort. It helps to dispel emotional scars, fears and resentments in one's life.

Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal, with many potent properties and meanings, but it is most well known as a stone for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra and intuition

Product Details

  • Material:Natrual Onyx, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz 
  • 3 Piece Set
  • Adjustable Stretch Bracelet