7 Chakra Balancing Heart Bracelet

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Feeling like your chakras are out of balance? This 7 Chakras  Heart Bracelet will take care of that!

Each stone resonates with its own energy, releasing a frequency that will “speak” to your chakra and calm any agitation and anxiety in your thoughts and spirit.

The result is a more balanced mind, stable emotions, and a calm aura that will help pull you through a rough moment in your life. you back to your spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically healthy self.

Perfect gift for anyone!

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  • Excellent as a Holiday Gift for family and friends
  • Length : About 6.7"Inch /17cm
  • Beads Size : 8mm. 
  • Balances the body's 7 Chakras
  • Semi-precious stones representing the 7 Chakras (Amethyst  / Lapis Lazuli / TurquoiseImperial JasperTiger's Eye Stone /  Amber / Carnelian )

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