Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Flower

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The Lotus, is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. Regarded as good fortune flower by many Feng Shui masters, the lotus is said to turn bad luck to good luck and heighten your sense of joy and peace,the lotus also symbolizes good fortune secured through generations.

How to use the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in Feng Shui to a better life:

1. Display the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in your living room, family area, office table and business premises to enhance wealth and overall good luck. The Lotus also serves as a reminder that you will come out unscathed from any difficult situations if you put your mind to solving it.

2. Place a Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in your living room or bedroom to enhance the harmonious chi in your home and to prevent quarrels in the family. The Lotus will emit Chi to promote calmer minds and thoughts for better relationships among family members.

3. Place the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower near windows in your living room to catch the rays of the morning sun and reflect them into beautiful rainbow potent 'yang' energy to purify your surrounding chi and brings loads of luck into the home.

Choose the Color that best suits your needs:

Blue : is generally said to increase career opportunities, business, finances, and leadership qualities. It also awakens intuition and eases loneliness.
Green : Color of balance, which is in the center of the rainbow spectrum. A Green colored crystal is generally said to balance our energies, bring stability, increase love and compassion. Being the color of the nature, it brings peace and harmony.
Yellow :  is generally said to promote optimism, help you go through changes, aid memory, boost will-power and improve concentration. It also helps you feel expressive and joyful.
Red : Transmits energy and initiative. Color of love, it represents the passion, temptation, emotion, strength, power, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, struggle and determination.
Violet : has the power to attract and concentrate chi. It can improve the chi of the house/office. .
Pink :may help people pursue and grasp love. They can improve personal relationships.
White / transparent : Represents positive values ​​such as purity, balance or innocence. It symbolizes nobility and refinement, calm, peace and serenity. It provides light and gives a feeling of freshness.
Colorful : Multiple colors bring in the energies of each individual color and synergize them together. 

Product Description

  • Style:Feng Shui
  • Theme:Flower
  • Material:Top grade K9 crystal
  • Size:80mm*30mm