Good Luck Eight strand Retro Sai Sin Totem Bracelet

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In Buddhist tradition, cotton thread was been blessed in advance by a Buddhist monk and is known as ‘sai sin‘.

The sai sin was supposed to provide protection and good health to the person wearing it. The color of the thread may represent different meanings, but most importantly represents purity - other colors were used depending on the region you were in and the circumstances surrounding you. 

This Braided Tibetan Braided Bracelet has a one of a kind Totem Charm.

  • Sai Sin threads are used for a number of purposes:
  • For places you wish upon good luck, such as housewarming and house blessing
  • To ward off evil spirits
  • For visitors and tourists to be wished a safe journey and good health
  • A welcome gesture
  • To wish happiness and prosperity to newlyweds
  • To wish for good health

A truly unique bracelet you will not find available anywhere!

  • Metals Type: Copper Alloy
  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Length: 6.5in / 16.5cm (Stretchable)