Green Jade Bodhi Seed Bracelet

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Nothing but top notch Quality part of our Hand Crafted Collection! This is a truly Unique Bracelet you will not find anywhere!

This Bodhi Seed Bracelet comes with the healing power of a Green Jade Gem that makes this a one of a kind!  

Green Jade Gem  is useful in dream-solving, facilitates access to the spiritual world and ritualistic knowledge and supports creativity and it's  meaning is strongly based in healing

The quiet simplicity of this lovely Bodhi bracelet is what makes it so appealing. Bodhi seeds are from the famous bodhi or bo tree where Siddharta Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment or “bodhi.”


Perfect for men or women, this simple bracelet creates an accessory that will complement anything that you wear. The bracelet stretches so that it can accommodate most wrists and makes a wonderful gift idea.  

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  • Green Jade Bead
  • Material:Bodhi seed
  • Main beads:8mm bodhi seed