Healing 7 Chakra Obsidian Volcanic Stone

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Beautifully designed with natural tones and textures at its heart, the striking White Stone 7 Chakra Balance Prayer Bracelet makes a loving gift for those with a keen interest in Reiki or meditative yoga.

Featuring White Howlite stones at its heart - renowned for it's healing properties that aid in sleeping and easing insomnia - this multi-toned bracelet has been finished with seven coloured gems that stand in as visual representations of the Seven Chakras.

These shimmering colours have been produced using the following gemstones - each recognised for their own unique spiritual qualities:

Green Howlite Turquoise
Tiger's Eye
King Jasper
Lapis Luzuli
Black Agate and
Red Agate

A beautifully unique and stunning accessory, the bracelet can also be used during prayer or meditation to count and keep track of breaths or mantras while promising to focus the mind and soul. Treat someone beloved or add this piece to your collection today. 

  • Bracelet length: 7"
  • Black Color Beads all natural Lava Stone: 8-9mm
  • White Howlite Turquoise diameter: 8-9mm
  • Buddha Charm
  • Obsidian is a very protective stone,  and is excellent for removing negativity and attracting love and positive energy .
  • Semi Precious Stones representing the 7 Chakras

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