Red Chinese Knot Feng Shui Wealth Success Coins Decor

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The most common use of Chinese coins in feng shui is for attracting the energy of wealth and money. The other popular use of coins in feng shui is as protection and good luck cure. These energies sure do go together, do they not? When a person achieves financial stability, she or he also feels more protected and, of course, lucky!

To use Chinese coins as a feng shui money cure, start by exploring the variety of feng shui cures that incorporate Chinese coins in their design. Next, locate the Money Area of your home. After you've found your money area, find the best way to display your cure in a way that works well with your overall home decor. 

For example, you can hang your Chinese coins tassel on the wall, you can frame it or you can simply place it on any appropriate surface (desk, books, etc).

Material: Brass Coin,Nylon Cord 
Product size: Brass Coin Diameter:2.3cm, Thickness:0.1cm 
Color: Red 

1 Powerful Mascot,with the red Chinese knot,will give you good luck and fortune . 
2 Hanging a string in the the living room, office, and other places,it can avoid evil and attract wealth and luck!
3 Whether it is as a gift for friends and family, to attract economic well being!